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Oil regeneration plant UVR 450/16


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Uploaded by PC GlobeCore on May 15, 2014

Fuel, oil cleaning system UVR 450/16 (in different execution):
• Clean diesel fuel and light mineral oils such as industrial oil, transformer oil, turbine oil, and also gas-condensate, kerosene etc.
• Remove acids, sulfur, mercaptan, aromatic, different additions
• Remove all types of water (free, emulsified & homogenised)
• Can be operated by only one operator
• Fully portable
• Saves on Fuel Costs
• Environmentally friendly

Reclaimed oil might be BETTER then what you are using now

You don`t need to spend your money for buy a new oil. All you need is only carry out regeneration (reclamation) of yours used oil.

You don`t need spend your money for utilization spent sorbent it can be reactivated in the same unit. Each of these factors will help to reduce your operating cost.

To get more information about installation UVR 450/16 you can visit our site
or call us
skype: bichurina_globecore,


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