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Used Oil Recycling plant UVR 450/16 (V)


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Uploaded by PC GlobeCore on May 15, 2014

Explosion-proof execution of Fuel, oil cleaning system UVR 450/16 (V) is made for clarification of highly explosive matters such as gasoline, kerosene, gas-condensate and others. This unit can be utilize by petroleum-product storage and distribution centers, refinery plants etc. Fuel, oil cleaning system UVR 450/16 (explosion-proof version) is fully leakproof and explosion-proof.

Clarification productivity of UVR 450/16:
Clarification of diesel oil -- 600-700 l/h
Cleaning of gas-condensate -- 1000 kg/h
Purification of gasoline - 1000 kg/h

All principal parts carry out in explosion-proof execution

Installation UVR is universal and can be use for all types of reclamation, regeneration, cleaning of oils and fuels without any reconfiguration.

We also can propose you to make a RECLAIMING TEST of yours example of oil to verify the possibility of clean it. If the oil is contaminated and not suitable for use, filtration can be recommended.

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