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Wholesale Sunglasses by Jay Y Sunglasses


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Uploaded by Got Shades International Inc. on October 15, 2010

Jay-Y Sunglasses has been a leading manufacturer, exporter and wholesaler of leading style sunglasses for over 15 years. With 100's of styles, Jay-Y supplies 1000's of retailers with high profit shades and high quality craftsmanship. Come tour their booth


Liz Elswick
Comment by Liz Elswick ( My Place )
Nov 9, 2012 04:04 AM
Oakley only does close outs to the Vault stores and to coiepnmas like Steep and cheap. Unless you're setup as an Oakley distributor, you won't be able to get glasses at below wholesale. If you're looking to purchase large quantities for resale- get yourself setup as a licensed dealer.If you're just looking for a few pairs for your own personal use, go to an Oakley Vault (look in the DE case),, Craigslist or ebay.HTH,D

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