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WPC PVC door board extrusion line


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Uploaded by PVC/PE Wood Profile Extrusion Line| QingDao Keshengda plastic machinery Co., Ltd on April 20, 2013

WPC wide door board extrusion line/ door board production line:
WPC door board extrusion line adopts conical double-screw extruder SJSZ80 or parallel twin-screw extruder SJSP90. PLC programmable computer control is applied as to make the entire machine operated reliably and stably. The auxiliary equipment set is comprised by vacuum sizing table, haul-off unit, cutting machine and stacker. Equipped with large forcing cooling facilities, which ensures the door panel sizing and shaping is effective. Caterpillar-type haul-off unit utilizes imported gear motor and frequency inverter, and is featured in reasonable structure design, large hauling power, stable hauling effect and so on. The cutting machine has properties of accuracy, high precise cutting and performance stability. The stacker is accompanied with movable material trolley and is equipped with specific rubber protective layer; the stack bracket is convenient and simple for use, does not destroy raw materials and other features


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